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Mistress Candice is one of those who do not forget easily when they are wronged. When this guy wronged her, she went and came back with her friend mistress Alice and together they ganged up on him. They tortured him and cruelly trampled him. Mistress Candice and mistress Alice even turned him into a tiny man and had a field day humiliating and torturing him. He begged them to let him go but they turned a deaf ear to him.

Princess Serena settled on humiliating her loser using her hot ass. She used it to make her slave lick and smell her ass. She turned him into a tiny man first of all before she did that to him. She also nearly choked him as he could not breathe properly. When she was done with him, she chased him away and she made him beg her for mercy before she let him go.

Mistress Lisa knew that this loser had a thing for her ass. So she used it to get everything she wanted from him. She turned him into a tiny toy and she sat on his face. She used her ass to torture him and as she sat on him, she also farted on him and by the time she was done, she knew the loser would never look her direction again.

When you are as hot as giantess Katelyn, you can get away with virtually anything. She wanted to scare the shit out of her slave so she turned him into a tiny man. Tiny enough for her to chew him. Then she took some sandwich and she used it to demonstrate to the slave what she could do to him if he was not obedient to her. The scared slave did all he was told.

Goddess Celine is a cruel mistress and she loves being that way. She humiliated her slave for what he had. She turned him into a small tiny man and she spat on her feet. She then made him lick the spit on her feet, which were sweaty and smelly as well. When she was done, she knew her slave would not repeat what he had done to warrant the pain and humiliation.

Lady B went to buy some groceries and this guy was rude to her. She was pissed as she was customer and deserved to be treated with respect. She turned his store into a tiny one and she crushed it with her boots. She even crushed him as he was part of the things that had been transformed into tiny things. She took what she wanted and left the store.

Goddess Simone had many slaves to punish at the same time. She wanted to save time so she tortured all of them at the same time. She transformed them into tiny men and she used her stinky feet to humiliate them. She crushed them using her smelly socks and she also made them lick and smell her socks and her sweaty feet knowing they would not refuse to do what she had commanded hem to do.

This sexy mistress wanted to try a different method of slave humiliation. She settled for crush fetish and giantess fetish. She turned her slave into a tiny person and then she forced him to endure her facesitting. She sat on him using her ass and nearly choked him. She trampled him as well and by the time she was done with him, he had asked all the forgiveness he could. But she ignored him.

Madame Marissa was out to teach this loser a lesson he would not forget easily. She threw him in the trunk of her car and left him to suffocate there while she went to enjoy a sumptuous meal. She had turned him into a tiny man and it was easier to do all those things to him without caring who saw what she had done to him. It was a lot of fun to her but not even a little to him.

Princess Serena was not happy with her slave and she had to teach him lesson. She had punished him before but she wanted to make sure this punishment was like nothing he had ever experienced before. So she turned him into a tiny man and she crushed him. The giantess used her high heels to have fun at the expense of the tiny slave. She stomped on him and tortured him and enjoyed watching him cry.

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