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Mistress Dita had always wanted to smother a loser and being the sort of person who does not like to find fault in people all the time, she had to wait for this loser to mess up before she could torture him. The mistress did not have to wait for long as the guy committed some wrongs and she got the chance to smother him with her boots until he became a tiny man.

Goddess Nika had a weird neighbor and she did not want him to keep trying to befriend her as she did not want anything to do with his weirdness. So she put an end to that by turning him into a tiny version of himself. He cried as she did so and wished he had not bothered her. She threatened to crush him with her teeth if he did not stop being a nuisance to her.

Princess Amber told this loser what she was capable of but he did not believe her. She did not want to try it on him so she took a doll and she used her ass to crush it. Her giantess ass made the doll turn into a tiny thing and she told him not to try her as the same fate would befall him. He did what she asked him to do.

Madame Marissa did not like the fact that this loser had lied to her. She did not want him to ever lie to her because it showed how little regard he had for her. She shrunk him into a tiny man and she dominated him. She wanted him to learn a cruel lesson so she dominated him cruelly and made him realize he was never to piss her off if he wanted to have good relations with her.

Mistress Jade wanted to send a strong message to her slave. She felt he was taking everything for granted so she crushed him into a little man and made fun of him. She even pretended to forget about him and he begged her to transform him back to his original state. She ignored him as she chatted with her friend and would occasionally crush him and stomp on him to add some pain.

This mistress was having fun doing yoga. She realized this guy was looking at her and masturbating at her doing yoga. She was pissed and she ran after him and caught him. She crushed him and turned him into a tiny man and chewed him a bit before she placed him in her socks and made him choke on her sweaty feet. She then told him to stop his perverted behavior if he did not want a worse punishment than that.

Giantess Katelyn was tired of her slave not doing what she instructed him. She did not want him to keep on ignoring her instructions so she did something about it as her patience was running thin. She crushed him into a tiny man and threatened to swallow him. She placed him in her mouth and he nearly drowned in her saliva. But she did not care about what he felt.

Lady B lost her job because this guy had lied that she had done something she had not done. She was pissed and she went to his house and she turned it into a tiny house and she crushed it and destroyed it. She wanted to teach him to be an honest person. She did not care where he would stay or what he would do. He should have thought of it before lying about her.

Princess Serena settled on humiliating her loser using her hot ass. She used it to make her slave lick and smell her ass. She turned him into a tiny man first of all before she did that to him. She also nearly choked him as he could not breathe properly. When she was done with him, she chased him away and she made him beg her for mercy before she let him go.

Lady Kim is a giantess who likes to crush using her feet. And she does not just do it with her feet, but her bare feet at that. She does not like using shoes or heels because she loves the feeling she gets on her feet as she crushes a slave. She had missed crushing a slave with her feet so much that today she crushed him for no reason.

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