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This girl had pissed off this giantess and she had to get back at her. She had to make sure that she did it in such a way that she would never forget what the mistress did to her. That is why she had to find a way to know how to be a giantess and then use that to torture her. She did that and she cruelly turned her into a tiny woman and she had fun degrading and humiliating her for fun.

This tiny couple were misbehaving and this giantess did not like it. She had to make them stop and she did that as she used her giantess fetish to do it. She picked them up and she smothered them with her giant lips. She also threatened to swallow them. The two of them were shocked and scared at the same time and they had to beg for mercy from her.

This guy tried to mistreat mistress Raquel because he was a bully but he regretted it when the mistress used her giantess powers to punish him for herself and for the other victims of his bullying. She had fun doing it and the guy never did anything like he had done again. The mistress ended up having fun at his expense and also changing him. It worked out in the end.

Goddess Nemesis did not like how rebellious this guy was and she had to crush him to contain the rebellion. That is why she opted to use her giantess fetish to crush and dominate the guy. He was shocked at what she did to him and he wished he had never pissed her off or been rebellious to her as she was going to make sure it never happened again.

Mistress Morrigan wanted to make sure that this tiny man would never mess with her or even think about it. So she did what she does best and she used her giantess fetish to first of all transform him and crush him into a tiny man before she went ahead to mock him on his newfound state. He never expected that and he was scared shitless by all she did to him.

This ebony mistress with a big and curvy ass felt that she had to turn things around and humiliate the loser she was with. The mistress went out of her way to crush and smother the guy into a tinny man and she tormented him greatly. The guy was not only shocked, but he was also scared of her and he never messed with her when she let him go.

Giantess Julia was on a mission to drown the people on this tiny cruise ship because she realized that many of them were bad people. She however felt sorry for them when she peed on them and they nearly drowned in her pee. She let them go but she made them promise that they would change and be good people from that day forward. They agreed with the mistress and changed.

Mistress Dita had always wanted to smother a loser and being the sort of person who does not like to find fault in people all the time, she had to wait for this loser to mess up before she could torture him. The mistress did not have to wait for long as the guy committed some wrongs and she got the chance to smother him with her boots until he became a tiny man.

Goddess Nika had a weird neighbor and she did not want him to keep trying to befriend her as she did not want anything to do with his weirdness. So she put an end to that by turning him into a tiny version of himself. He cried as she did so and wished he had not bothered her. She threatened to crush him with her teeth if he did not stop being a nuisance to her.

Princess Amber told this loser what she was capable of but he did not believe her. She did not want to try it on him so she took a doll and she used her ass to crush it. Her giantess ass made the doll turn into a tiny thing and she told him not to try her as the same fate would befall him. He did what she asked him to do.

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