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This giantess is lenient and she does not like to torture people unnecessarily. That is why she chose to send a message using a doll. She had been pissed by what this guy had done but she gave him a second chance. To make sure he did not piss her off again, she crushed a doll with her giantess feet as he watched and she told him if he was not careful, that would be him.

Mistress Elea does not like anyone joking with her work. She takes her work seriously and anyone who tried to mess with her job or sabotage it has himself to blame. This guy did and he lived to regret it. She crushed him and she used her high heels to do it. She crushed the guy into a tiny man and dominated him cruelly as he begged her for mercy.

Mistress Elea does not like dealing with stupid guys. If she considers someone stupid, then she does not want anything to do with them. She actually detests them and humiliates them if they continue being in her presence. This loser did not get out of her sight fast enough so she humiliated him using her giantess powers. She turned him into a tiny man and she crushed and tortured him cruelly.

Lady Kim is a giantess who likes to crush using her feet. And she does not just do it with her feet, but her bare feet at that. She does not like using shoes or heels because she loves the feeling she gets on her feet as she crushes a slave. She had missed crushing a slave with her feet so much that today she crushed him for no reason.

Jessie K is not your average giantess. She has powers to transform losers and slaves into tiny people and humiliate them. They always get scared when she does that because they do not want to remain in that tiny state and they do not know what else she might do to them. She did that to this slave who was disobedient and she taught him a lesson he will never forget.

Lady Spooky loves to humiliate and she does it well. Today she wanted to use her feet and her special powers. She humiliated this guy and made him her bitch. She did all sorts of nonsense to him and she had to make sure he learned his lesson. She forced him to lick her feet as she used them to crush him. She had made sure her feet were sweaty and smelly.

Giantess Marinka is a hot giantess that loves crushing things for fun. She does not crush people and things because she is pissed like other mistresses do. She crushes them because she feels like and because she wants to. She is not easily angered and that helps her avoid punishing and humiliating many people. Today she was crushing some foot and she ate them when she was done crushing them.

Mistress Jessie K uses her sneakers to crush her slave. She crushed him so hard that she turned him into a tiny man. She enjoyed tormenting and humiliating the tiny man for a long time till it became boring. She made the tiny man lick her soles and endure the pain and humiliation that came with what she had done to him. When she was done, she transformed him back to his former self.

Giantess Tina wanted to spend the shortest amount of time humiliating this slave because she was in a hurry and she needed results. So she used her special powers and shrunk the slave and turned him into a tiny man. The slave was horrified that she was able to do it and before he knew it she was crushing him and making him do all manner of crazy things to him. She returned him to his original state and he did all she wanted.

Mistress Amy likes to punish guys who mess with her. She does not punish guys for no reason like other mistresses. She only does it when someone does something to her that she thinks warrants to be punished. This loser failed to deliver what she had sent him and as part of his punishment, she tramped him using her giantess powers and let him be a little man for a long time to teach him a lesson.

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