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This mistress did not want her effort to go to waste. So she taught her slave a lesson. She wanted her slave to take care of her stuff as she had spend a lot of time and effort towards acquiring them and she did not want to lose stuff due to his negligence. She had a lot of rare collections which he was to take care of. To show him the consequences of his actions, she turned him into a tiny man and crushed him. He looked like one of her collections but when she let him go, he styled up.

Mistress Anfisa learned of what her slave had done and she wanted to destroy her. She turned her slave into a tiny doll and she crushed her with her ass. She wanted to send a strong signal to the slave and her actions did just that. She humiliated her and degraded her more than she thought was possible given that she had been with her for some time and been humiliated by her.

Jessie K is not your average giantess. She has powers to transform losers and slaves into tiny people and humiliate them. They always get scared when she does that because they do not want to remain in that tiny state and they do not know what else she might do to them. She did that to this slave who was disobedient and she taught him a lesson he will never forget.

Giantess Nova and Kate are friend and wanted to humiliate and torture these guys who had been stalking them. They hate stalkers because they are losers and they had to teach these ones a lesson. They turned them to tiny men and humiliated them using their teeth as they crushed and smothered them cruelly. The mistresses did not care what happened to the stalkers as long as they learned their lesson.

This guy owed Lady B a lot of money and she asked him to give it back but he refused. He was openly looking down on her and even showed her the money but told her he had more important things to do with it before he could give her back the money. She did not talk., She went to his block of houses which she knew he prized and she turned them into tiny houses and she crushed them and destroyed them using her boots.

This giantess likes to play with little things. She loves how she can destroy these tiny things and do anything she wants to them. She likes how she is the determinant in whether they get to stay the way they are or get destroyed. She also loves the fact that she can transform things and make them small as well as take them back to what they were before at will.

This giantess wanted to humiliate her slave in order to pass time. She called him to where she was and used her special powers to turn him into a tiny human being. She then humiliated him by placing him between her sweaty and smelly toes. She forced him to lick and smell her toes and the sweat therein before she transformed him back to what he was before she had turned him into a tiny man.

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