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Giantess Katelyn loves to do things that piss off others. This guy had not done anything wrong to her but she found time to degrade and torture him. She crushed him and wanted to choke him as she put him in her mouth and closed her mouth. He could not breath and she could hear how he struggled to get out. She threw him out and returned him to his normal self and laughed at him.

Giantess Katelyn was tired of her slave not doing what she instructed him. She did not want him to keep on ignoring her instructions so she did something about it as her patience was running thin. She crushed him into a tiny man and threatened to swallow him. She placed him in her mouth and he nearly drowned in her saliva. But she did not care about what he felt.

When you are as hot as giantess Katelyn, you can get away with virtually anything. She wanted to scare the shit out of her slave so she turned him into a tiny man. Tiny enough for her to chew him. Then she took some sandwich and she used it to demonstrate to the slave what she could do to him if he was not obedient to her. The scared slave did all he was told.

Giantess Katelyn was teaching her friend Nova how to be a giantess. She showed her the basics of how to crush and destroy a slave and how to turn him or her to a tiny man or woman and then crush them. She did it practically so that her friend could understand her better and by the time she was done with that session, her friend had become a sort of expert.

Giantess Nova and Kate are friend and wanted to humiliate and torture these guys who had been stalking them. They hate stalkers because they are losers and they had to teach these ones a lesson. They turned them to tiny men and humiliated them using their teeth as they crushed and smothered them cruelly. The mistresses did not care what happened to the stalkers as long as they learned their lesson.

Giantess Katelyn knows how to get whatever it is she wants. Today she needed a secret from this guy. She had been trying to come up with a certain product but she did not know how to get past the last stage. But this guy knew a trade secret she wanted and she forced him to give it to her when she made him into a tiny man and transformed him back.

Giantess Katelyn wanted to choke this tiny man with her socks so she made sure they were as stinky as possible before she used them to trample him and cover his entire body with them. She did it as slowly as she could so that it could have maximum impact and effect. When she was done, she turned the tiny man back to his original form and warned him against messing with her.

Giantess Katelyn found out the guy who had been spreading rumors about her. She did not bother responding to them. She hunted him down and when she found him and his friend, she turned them into tiny slaves. The mistress humiliated the guys and made sure they owned up to what they had said. Failure to which she would torture and cruelly punish them for what they had done to her.

Giantess Katelyn turned this loser into a tiny man when he pissed her off. She drowned him in her saliva as she put her in her mouth. She humiliated him and heard him try to plead with her to let him go but she was not yet done with him. She humiliated him till he told her what she wanted to hear. That was when she let him go back to his former self.

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