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This mistress has a big butt and she knows it. She is also proud of it and she loves to use her big ass to humiliate. She enjoys to facesit on losers but first of all she turns them into tiny versions of themselves before she humiliates them. She crushed this guy into a tiny doll then she had a great time sitting on him and having him smell her ass.

Mistress Brooke is a sexy giantess. She enjoys crushing tiny things and destroying them because it makes her feel powerful. It also helps her to kill time and it is a form of exercise for her. She loves to do it all the time and today she did it by destroying lots of toys and creating a mess in the process. When she looked at the mess, she knew she had done a good job.

Madame Marissa knew that this doll was expensive. And that is was her nephew's favorite one. He had been a bad boy so she took it and she crushed it with her boots. She wanted to destroy it so she placed it on a metal grid and she destroyed it by stomping on it. She made him watch and she ignored his pleas not to destroy it. She told him she would do that to all his toys if he did not behave well.

Princess Jenny wanted to make this guy confess to a crime she knew he had committed. She knew the perfect way to do it so she crushed him and turned him into a small man. She made him believe she would leave him in that state and that scared him till he agreed to do everything she asked him to do. The mistress was amazed at how effective it was.

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