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This giantess loves to terrorize people who mess with her. She looks harmless and she likes it to remain that way. She only likes to teach a lesson to those who mess with her. This loser did today and he lived to regret it. She crushed him with her giantess feet till he nearly became minced meat. She made him lick her dirty and smelly feet and degraded him a great deal.

Lady B was in a bad mood and she becomes destructive when she is in such a mood. She had to do something to punish the guy who had put her in such a mood. So she took his model houses and she crushed them. She used her boots to destroy them the fact that they were very expensive notwithstanding. She did not care what happened to them or to him.

Madame Svea loves high heels. She loves them because they come in handy whenever she wanted to torture or humiliate someone. She loves the fact that she can crush the person and turn them into a tiny man. That is what she did to this dishonest guy today. She crushed some chocolate then she forced him to eat it all. She stood and watched as he did whats he asked him to do.

This mistress wanted to send a cruel message to her slave. So she used her giantess powers to do it. She chose to degrade and torture him by turning him into a tiny man. She used her bare feet to crush him and she also used her mouth to crush him. He was not only in pain, but he was also choking. She laughed at him and knew he had learned his lesson.

This mistress has a big butt and she knows it. She is also proud of it and she loves to use her big ass to humiliate. She enjoys to facesit on losers but first of all she turns them into tiny versions of themselves before she humiliates them. She crushed this guy into a tiny doll then she had a great time sitting on him and having him smell her ass.

Mistress Polly is not your average girl. She is the kind of girl who likes to try things at the expense of others. She loves to have fun and she loves to have this fun at the expense of others. Today she wanted to try foot fetish so she made this loser lick her feet and endure her trampling. She also had him suck her toes and do what she wanted.

Madame Marissa wanted her money from this guy who owed her. He took her round in circles and she was pissed. She crushed him and she turned him into a little man. She used her muddy boots to humiliate him and she had fun while torturing him. She got him to own up to his mistakes and he agreed to pay her that very day. She even made him pay him with interest before she let him back to his normal self.

This giantess was surprised when she learned that her boyfriend had secret fantasies of being swallowed by a giantess. She was one and she wanted to give him the thrill of being swallowed. So she crushed him into a tiny man and she licked him and nearly drowned him with her spit. The giantess also put him in her mouth and he got to have the experience he had always wanted.

This giantess loves torturing guys for fun. She is the kind of person who likes to do whatever she feels like and today she cruelly crushed this guy into a tiny man and she had fun at his expense. He had not done nothing wrong. She just felt like humiliating him and she did. She put him in her mouth and she let him choke a bit in there before she let him out.

Lady B loves to destroy things. She loves to use her giantess powers to do it. This guy had messed up with her and she had to teach him a lesson. She went to his house and she crushed it. He was lucky he was not in the house as she would have crushed him along with his house and household items. She left after doing a lot of damage.

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