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Lady Spooky loves to humiliate and she does it well. Today she wanted to use her feet and her special powers. She humiliated this guy and made him her bitch. She did all sorts of nonsense to him and she had to make sure he learned his lesson. She forced him to lick her feet as she used them to crush him. She had made sure her feet were sweaty and smelly.

Giantess Nova and Kate are friend and wanted to humiliate and torture these guys who had been stalking them. They hate stalkers because they are losers and they had to teach these ones a lesson. They turned them to tiny men and humiliated them using their teeth as they crushed and smothered them cruelly. The mistresses did not care what happened to the stalkers as long as they learned their lesson.

Mistress Amber turned this bitch who was trying to mess with her man into a doll and she humiliated her by crushing her using her ass. She wore jeans to make it even worse. The mistress then let him get back to his original self and she knew she would never have a problem with her again. She had taught her a lesson that she would carry with her for the rest of her life.

Giantess Marinka is a hot giantess that loves crushing things for fun. She does not crush people and things because she is pissed like other mistresses do. She crushes them because she feels like and because she wants to. She is not easily angered and that helps her avoid punishing and humiliating many people. Today she was crushing some foot and she ate them when she was done crushing them.

Mistress Jessie K uses her sneakers to crush her slave. She crushed him so hard that she turned him into a tiny man. She enjoyed tormenting and humiliating the tiny man for a long time till it became boring. She made the tiny man lick her soles and endure the pain and humiliation that came with what she had done to him. When she was done, she transformed him back to his former self.

Giantess Katelyn knows how to get whatever it is she wants. Today she needed a secret from this guy. She had been trying to come up with a certain product but she did not know how to get past the last stage. But this guy knew a trade secret she wanted and she forced him to give it to her when she made him into a tiny man and transformed him back.

This guy owed Lady B a lot of money and she asked him to give it back but he refused. He was openly looking down on her and even showed her the money but told her he had more important things to do with it before he could give her back the money. She did not talk., She went to his block of houses which she knew he prized and she turned them into tiny houses and she crushed them and destroyed them using her boots.

Mistress Lisa Jordan has special skills that allow her to do whatever it is that she wants to losers and slaves. Today she felt like using her tits and her lips to crush this slave and that is what she did. She first of all turned him into a tiny man and she had fun crushing him with her boobs and with her teeth. She also drowned him in her spit.

Giantess Tina wanted to spend the shortest amount of time humiliating this slave because she was in a hurry and she needed results. So she used her special powers and shrunk the slave and turned him into a tiny man. The slave was horrified that she was able to do it and before he knew it she was crushing him and making him do all manner of crazy things to him. She returned him to his original state and he did all she wanted.

Giantess Katelyn wanted to choke this tiny man with her socks so she made sure they were as stinky as possible before she used them to trample him and cover his entire body with them. She did it as slowly as she could so that it could have maximum impact and effect. When she was done, she turned the tiny man back to his original form and warned him against messing with her.

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