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Mistress Jenny was pissed off at this loser for lying to her. She does not like liars and she does all she can to punish them and to make them become honest. That is what she wanted to do to this loser so she used her butt to crush him and make him feel both pain and humiliation. She first of all transformed him into a tiny man before humiliating him.

This giantess likes to play with little things. She loves how she can destroy these tiny things and do anything she wants to them. She likes how she is the determinant in whether they get to stay the way they are or get destroyed. She also loves the fact that she can transform things and make them small as well as take them back to what they were before at will.

This giantess wanted to humiliate her slave in order to pass time. She called him to where she was and used her special powers to turn him into a tiny human being. She then humiliated him by placing him between her sweaty and smelly toes. She forced him to lick and smell her toes and the sweat therein before she transformed him back to what he was before she had turned him into a tiny man.

Madame Marissa wanted to show this guy why he should never mess with her. She turned his cars and buses into tiny cars and she crushed them and destroyed them. His friend tried to object and she turned him into a tiny man and crushed him and nearly destroyed him. When she was done, she asked the guy what he thought and the guy was trembling and did everything she wanted.

Lady Emerald is a sexy giantess. She likes to turn those she wants something from or she is punishing into tiny men so as to teach them a lesson. She also likes to demonstrate to them that she is not one to play around with. She likes to make them afraid of her and this ultimately helps her because they do whatever she asks them to do as they are afraid of her.

Mistress Amy likes to punish guys who mess with her. She does not punish guys for no reason like other mistresses. She only does it when someone does something to her that she thinks warrants to be punished. This loser failed to deliver what she had sent him and as part of his punishment, she tramped him using her giantess powers and let him be a little man for a long time to teach him a lesson.

Giantess Katelyn found out the guy who had been spreading rumors about her. She did not bother responding to them. She hunted him down and when she found him and his friend, she turned them into tiny slaves. The mistress humiliated the guys and made sure they owned up to what they had said. Failure to which she would torture and cruelly punish them for what they had done to her.

Giantess Jenny Nina knows she has a sexy ass. A lot of guys are always staring at it and some want to have it. This guy was pretty persistent about it and she was getting pissed off because he did not seem to get her hints that she was not interested. She decided to speak to him in a language he would understand. She turned him into a tiny man and used her ass in jeans to crush him and nearly destroy him. Then she let him go back to his former self. He never bothered her again.

Giantess Lady B likes to transform things into tiny stuff. She took her ex husband's house and turned it into a tiny house. She was pissed that he had not yet paid her alimony and she did not want to have to remind him again. So she crushed his house and destroyed it before using her powers to put it back together. He was so scared he never missed a check.

Mistress Lisa Jordan got an idea to crush and destroy her slave. He was becoming a nuisance and she had to do nip it in the but. She crushed the slave and used her powers to turn him into near nothing. She then made fun of him and humiliated him a great deal. When she was done, she transformed him back to his former self but warned him against messing with her again.

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