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This mistress did not like how this guy used his money to do bad things to other people. When he messed with the poor couple on the block, this mistress had to do something. She knew how he loved his vintage cars so she went and turned them into tiny cars using her giantess powers. She then crushed them using her high heels and destroyed them to teach him a lesson.

Princess Serena had told this girl to be nice to the old couple across the street but she never was. She was always a pain in the ass for them and princess Serena had had enough of it. She was sick of it and she did something about it. The giantess turned the girl into a tiny woman and she crushed him with her ass. She degraded her and taught her a lesson she will never forget.

This mistress did not want her effort to go to waste. So she taught her slave a lesson. She wanted her slave to take care of her stuff as she had spend a lot of time and effort towards acquiring them and she did not want to lose stuff due to his negligence. She had a lot of rare collections which he was to take care of. To show him the consequences of his actions, she turned him into a tiny man and crushed him. He looked like one of her collections but when she let him go, he styled up.

Goddess Celine is a sexy giantess. She likes to use her giantess fetish for good unlike other mistresses who use them to humiliate and hurt other people. She likes to torture and humiliate bullies. She took one and she crushed him into a tiny man. She then licked him and he nearly drowned in her spit. She then wore him with her socks and he nearly choked as he could not breathe well. When she let him go, he never bullied anyone again.

This mistress has a great butt and she likes to use her nice butt to humiliate and to crush. She is a giantess and she loves to crush people into tiny people. She then has fun at their expense and enjoys humiliating them. Today she did not have anyone to crush and humiliate so she did so to this toy. She pretended it was a person and she crushed it with her giantess butt.

Giantess Katelyn was tired of her slave not doing what she instructed him. She did not want him to keep on ignoring her instructions so she did something about it as her patience was running thin. She crushed him into a tiny man and threatened to swallow him. She placed him in her mouth and he nearly drowned in her saliva. But she did not care about what he felt.

When this mistress learned that her slave had been telling her lies, she was not pleased and as a result, she had him crushed. She did not want to do it herself so she asked someone to do it for her. He was crushed into a tiny man as she watched and she controlled how long he was left like that as a lesson to him. He never messed with her ever again.

Madame Marissa was bored at home so she called her loser slave and she turned him into a tiny version of himself. She did this by crushing him. She sat on him and she made him a tiny man. He cried and begged her to restore him to his former self and she did after she had had fun on his account. She had a great time and plotted to do it again.

Mistress Elea does not like dealing with stupid guys. If she considers someone stupid, then she does not want anything to do with them. She actually detests them and humiliates them if they continue being in her presence. This loser did not get out of her sight fast enough so she humiliated him using her giantess powers. She turned him into a tiny man and she crushed and tortured him cruelly.

Lady B lost her job because this guy had lied that she had done something she had not done. She was pissed and she went to his house and she turned it into a tiny house and she crushed it and destroyed it. She wanted to teach him to be an honest person. She did not care where he would stay or what he would do. He should have thought of it before lying about her.

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