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Lady Emerald was punishing her slave for stealing from her. She did not want to use a whip or anything else that would make him feel pain. She decided to scare the shit out of him. She stomped on him and turned him into a tiny man. Then she told him she would drown him or humiliate him and then leave him in that state. He pleaded with her and promised to return all he stole with interest.

Giantess Helena is one of the mistresses who can never have enough of crush fetish. She never lacks an opportunity to have fun with her fetish. Today she demonstrating to her friends how she crushes and stomps slaves and losers and turns them into tiny men and women. They were fascinated with how she did it and wanted to know her secret but she did not tell them anything because it was confidential.

Mistress Delia likes to crush. It is her favorite activity and she was in the mood for it today. She went in search of someone to humiliate, and it did not take her long to find someone to humiliate. She used her boots to trample him and not only inflict pain on him, but also turn him into a tiny man. She taunted him and made fun of him before she let him go.

Giantess Katelyn turned this loser into a tiny man when he pissed her off. She drowned him in her saliva as she put her in her mouth. She humiliated him and heard him try to plead with her to let him go but she was not yet done with him. She humiliated him till he told her what she wanted to hear. That was when she let him go back to his former self.

Lady B has a crush fetish and she likes to indulge in it every once in a while. Today was one such day. She bought toy cars and a model house. She had a lot of fun playing with them and crushing them. She used her high heels to do it and within a few minutes, the giantess had destroyed everything and was contemplating buying more to crush but she decided not to.

Madame Marissa does not like anyone looking down on her. This princess did and she was pissed. She vowed to teach the princess a lesson but she thought madame Marissa was joking. She turned her into a tiny little princess after crushing her. The giantess humiliated and taunted him till she was sure she had learned her lesson before she let her go. The scared princess begged for mercy and promised never to look down on anyone again.

This mistress has a thing for crushing things. When this guy pissed her off, he did not know that the mistress was able to crush him and turn him into a tiny man. She did that and humiliated him a great deal. The mistress threatened to leave him in that state and he begged her to let him go and to return him to his former self. The mistress gave him conditions for doing so and he agreed.

Mistress Erina has a butt crush fetish and she likes to have all sorts of fun. Today she wanted to use her ass to crush a doll. She bought one and she had a lot of fun crushing it. She crushed it and even posed as she did it. She was having a lot of fun and by the time she was done crushing it, it was deformed and a shadow of what it was before.

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