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Lady B loves to destroy things. She loves to use her giantess powers to do it. This guy had messed up with her and she had to teach him a lesson. She went to his house and she crushed it. He was lucky he was not in the house as she would have crushed him along with his house and household items. She left after doing a lot of damage.

Madame Marissa was not going to let this loser get away with his crime. He was used to assaulting and abusing his wife and this giantess had to make him stop. His wife deserved a nice life which he was not providing. She used her giantess powers to transform him into a tiny man and she cruelly forced him to make a change. The pain and humiliation he felt were enough for a lifetime.

This mistress wanted this conman to stop living such a life. She wanted him to reform but she knew that since he was used to his lifestyle, it was important to give him a shock that would give him a wake up call. She transformed him into a tiny man and she cruelly threatened to crush him with her teeth and swallow him. He had never been afraid in his life and he changed.

Giantess Helena has a big ass and she knows it. She loves to use it to have fun and today she had fun at the expense of this tiny man. She crushed him with her ass and she made him lick and smell her ass. He was a tiny spec in her ass and she tortured him as she placed him in the ass and she wore her thong over him.

Madame Svea was tired of telling this guy to stop bullying other people. She decided to make it stop once and for all. She transformed him into a tiny man and she crushed him with her hand. She also placed him in a glass and she threatened to drown him in her spit. He peed his pants and he begged for mercy. She let him go and transformed him to his normal self. He never bullied anyone again.

This giantess has a lovely ass and this tiny man wanted to have a taste of it. She took him and she crushed him with her ass and then she placed him between her butt cheeks and she let him choke on there a bit. She also dipped his head in her pussy before she inserted him in her mouth for fun. He was terrified but he had a lot of fun.

This giantess hates lazy slaves. When she realized that this slave was lazy, she knew that she had to use her giantess fetish to punish him. She turned him into a tiny man and she had fun at his expense. She enjoyed herself as she punished him and she crushed him painfully and threatened to leave him as a tiny man and he begged her not to promising to change.

This guy had always wanted to be crushed and eaten alive by a giantess. He begged goddess Holly to crush him and then humiliate him. She was bored so she agreed to do it to him. She crushed him with her ass as well as with her feet. She even farted on him and she teased him with her mouth as well as with her pussy by dipping him in both of them.

Madame Marissa hides her giantess powers and not even her long time slave knows about it. He had pissed her off so badly that she had to teach him a lesson. She used her powers and transformed into a giantess and she scared the shit out of him. She then trampled him and she nearly smashed him to pieces. He was in pain, he was scared and he had peed and shit his pants.

This giantess checked out this guy and she liked what she saw. He was handsome and she felt like she wanted him. Only that what she wanted to do to him was not what other mistresses would have loved to do to him. While they would have loved to fuck him, she wanted to crush him and eat him alive. She wanted to put him in her mouth and swallow him whole.

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