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Madame Marissa hides her giantess powers and not even her long time slave knows about it. He had pissed her off so badly that she had to teach him a lesson. She used her powers and transformed into a giantess and she scared the shit out of him. She then trampled him and she nearly smashed him to pieces. He was in pain, he was scared and he had peed and shit his pants.

This giantess checked out this guy and she liked what she saw. He was handsome and she felt like she wanted him. Only that what she wanted to do to him was not what other mistresses would have loved to do to him. While they would have loved to fuck him, she wanted to crush him and eat him alive. She wanted to put him in her mouth and swallow him whole.

This giantess likes to use her powers to terrorize guys for her own pleasure. She does not care whether someone has pissed her or not. As long as she feels like humiliating or scaring someone, she does it. Today she went into the house of this guy and she transformed herself into a giantess and she threatened to swallow him. She attempted to lick him and he was so afraid that he peed his pants.

With her sexy ass, this giantess wanted to teach this loser a lesson. She had ignored what the giantess told her to do and now it was time for her to experience her wrath. She crushed her by facesitting on her and she made sure that she smothered her and taught her a cruel lesson. She had fun torturing her and told her never to mess with her if she did not to be humiliated and degraded.

Lady B was owed money by this loser. She had to get it back but she could not get hold of him. He was evasive and she was pissed. But she knew his house so she went and used her giantess powers to crush it and destroy it. She knew that doing that would smoke him from his hideout and get him to give her back her money. It did.

This mistress is tattooed all over her body. She is a hot and naughty girl and she loves to do crazy and adventurous things. Today she wanted to try giantess fetish so she took this tiny toy and she imagined it to be a guy she had shrunk after she had facesat on him. She made him lick as well as smell her ass and then she made fun of him.

Madame Marissa acquired giantess skills and she had fun using them on guys she hated. She would turn them into tiny men and then crush and humiliate them. She would make fun of them and tease them and even threaten to leave them as tiny men. They always cried and begged her to transform them back to their normal selves and that they would do anything she wanted them to do for her.

This mistress wanted to chase away her slave. So she tortured him with her giantess fetish. She turned him into a tiny man by crushing and she had fun using her mouth and her heels to torture him. She choked him and nearly drowned him as she placed him in her mouth. She also crushed him with her feet and trampled him cruelly. She made him run away and she got what she wanted.

This mistress is crazy and she likes to have fun at the expense of others. She has giantess powers and she enjoys exercising them and using them to humiliate and crush losers. She likes to make them lick her feet and to crush them into tiny men who she throws around and does whatever she wants to. This loser had not done anything to her but she did the same to him because she could.

This giantess is cruel and she prides in her cruelty. She likes to do things that degrade and demean other people. Today she crushed this guy even though he had done nothing to deserve it. She then placed his tiny self in her ass and she farted on him. She wanted him to smell and lick her stinky ass and the tiny man had no alternative but to do it.

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