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Mistress Brooke is a sexy giantess. She enjoys crushing tiny things and destroying them because it makes her feel powerful. It also helps her to kill time and it is a form of exercise for her. She loves to do it all the time and today she did it by destroying lots of toys and creating a mess in the process. When she looked at the mess, she knew she had done a good job.

Madame Marissa does not like guys who joke with her. She is a straightforward and no nonsense woman. When these guys thought it would be great to have fun with her, she did not take it kindly. So she crushed them with her ass and she made them tiny men when she was through with them. The guys instantly regretted what they had done and begged her for mercy. She forgave them.

This giantess wanted to get a contract and she knew that this guy loved naughty women. She had all the qualifications but she knew he was corrupt too and would give it anyone who bribed her. So she decided to get it by teasing her. She made him watch how she used her gorgeous ass to crush a doll. She told him she would do that to his face if he gave her the contract. She has an ass to die for so he gave her the contract in exchange for monthly facesitting.

This giantess was not impressed by what her slave had done. He had bought a lot of toys and he played with them and they took much of his time. He did not even do the work she gave him as he was busy playing with his toys. So she took the toys and she took the toys and she crushed and destroyed them to send a message to her slave.

Mistress Elea does not like anyone joking with her work. She takes her work seriously and anyone who tried to mess with her job or sabotage it has himself to blame. This guy did and he lived to regret it. She crushed him and she used her high heels to do it. She crushed the guy into a tiny man and dominated him cruelly as he begged her for mercy.

Lady B had warned this guy never to snitch on her but he never paid attention. He did it again and this time, instead of beating his ass like she had promised to, she crushed his house. She turned into a little house and destroyed it completely. She told him to use his snitch money to go and buy a new house knowing very well it would not be enough.

This giantess did not like the kind of work her maid did. She wanted it done better so she crushed her to teach her a lesson. She wanted her house to be as neat as she wanted and the ass crushing helped. She made her choke as she crushed her but by the time she was done with her, she knew the maid would not do the mistake she had done again.

Giantess Katelyn loves to do things that piss off others. This guy had not done anything wrong to her but she found time to degrade and torture him. She crushed him and wanted to choke him as she put him in her mouth and closed her mouth. He could not breath and she could hear how he struggled to get out. She threw him out and returned him to his normal self and laughed at him.

Princess Serena had told this girl to be nice to the old couple across the street but she never was. She was always a pain in the ass for them and princess Serena had had enough of it. She was sick of it and she did something about it. The giantess turned the girl into a tiny woman and she crushed him with her ass. She degraded her and taught her a lesson she will never forget.

This mistress did not want her effort to go to waste. So she taught her slave a lesson. She wanted her slave to take care of her stuff as she had spend a lot of time and effort towards acquiring them and she did not want to lose stuff due to his negligence. She had a lot of rare collections which he was to take care of. To show him the consequences of his actions, she turned him into a tiny man and crushed him. He looked like one of her collections but when she let him go, he styled up.

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